Welcome to the ADHD Nation blog.

About three times a week, I will post some newsworthy or otherwise interesting item from the world of ADHD — it could be a new study, a media article, or a preposterous comment by someone who should know better. (OK, maybe four times a week.) I will contribute my thoughts, of course, but the purpose is to catalyze conversation; the real star of this show will be you, the millions of parents and doctors and teachers and patients and more with something to say about today’s ADHD crisis, and how we can do better.

What this blog is: A place to have thoughtful discourse about a very difficult issue facing America, and to varying degrees the world. I will have guest bloggers write items, too, because my views will not solely drive this bus. Some names will surprise you. Good. I want disagreement — all posts and comments will go live and be monitored only for civility. In that regard …

What this blog is not: A place to harangue others about how stupid they are. Opinions about ADHD get quite intense, and that’s fine. But the animus between the pro- and anti-ADHD camps does no one any good, particularly the children we all care about. This blog will be a destination where all are welcome to make their case. The purpose of ADHD Nation is, by identifying  where the world of ADHD has gone wrong, to identify areas where we can do better. It will be as centrist as possible. None of us has all the answers, and very few of us have nothing constructive to contribute.

Please share posts with your communities of parents, doctors, friends and the like, and encourage them to join this forum. Each pixel of thought is needed for a true image of possible reforms come into focus.

OK, that’s enough. Y’all know what a blog is. Let’s make this the best ADHD one out there.