Asthma medication that provides instant relief from an bronchial asthma attack is only a short term remedy. The vast majority of us take our breathing for granted and do not think about those individuals that have bronchial asthma and how they feel when they have an attack and can’t breath.

The problem is hard to explain if you are not an asthma sufferer but try to envisage your lungs feeling as if they are on fire, with liquid and thick mucus making it very difficult for you to get your breath. Adults and children throughout the world are affected by this chronic respiratory disease and in spite of it being the most predominant, there is, as yet, no cure.

What Asthma is and Main Causes

Asthma is an inflammatory condition which is treated by the use of inhaled corticosteroids, and is still thought by many as the most efficient treatment to control respiratory tract inflammation, and as a way to forestall an asthma attack. The most commonly prescribed asthma medication is the oral inhaler which is good in containing asthma attacks. Many asthma sufferers use two types of asthma medication routinely – one to handle the inflammation over the long term and the other is a daily asthma treatment like an inhalator for more immediate use.

However, the aim is to try and avoid asthma triggers which then reduce the requirement for asthma medication or treatment. Even with all the tests available, often it can take some time to learn what sparks a person’s asthma attack as studies have indicated that it varies substantially among asthma sufferers.

The use of biofeedback has been observed, during research, to help the asthma victim reduce his or her lung inflammation and aid breathing. Using complementary techniques for asthma medication include chiropractic manipulation of the spine and chest which is considered to help lung function. Another alternative non-conventional system for asthma involves acupuncture which is considered to somehow improve breathing process – however there is no conclusive evidence connected to this action. In an attempt to stop blood vessels passing fluid into the airways, an anti-inflammatory is used as another type of asthma medication.

Natural Asthma Remedies

There are also a number of herbal cures including teas and chocolate which have also been tested as an asthma treatment because they help improve the bronchial tubes and make it easier to get rid of mucous secretion and phlegm.

So, the first step in achieving a good asthma medication treatment will merely be to initiate changes in your eating habits by avoiding asthma triggers such as mucus forming foods and adhering to eating their complete opposites: the healthy / alkaline making foods. To improve your respiratory health, some asthma treatment programs need you to give up eating mucus forming food completely.

Other good treatments aren’t based around asthma medication at all and involve using air conditioners, the replacement of carpets with hardwood or floor tiles, using animal skin or vinyl furniture rather than regular upholstery, and exchanging down bedding with bedding produced using man-made fabrics. Fortunately, asthma sufferers now have the luxury of choosing what type asthma medication is best for them.